Love Letters


unnamed“I found my soul’s calling by finding my voice.”

Working on my website, manifesto, and blog with Rebecca was such a valuable process.  I knew I wanted to be able to find my more raw, authentic voice–  and by going through the process of finding that authentic voice and clarifying my message, I realized that I was ready for a whole new change of direction for my business that’s much closer to my soul’s purpose and who I really want to work with.  My work doesn’t feel like work anymore, and every time I sit down to write a new piece, I’m excited about the possibility of where it might lead.
–Elselien Epema, ​

“Working with Rebecca is the best thing I ever decided to do for my business.” 

Working with Rebecca is the best thing I ever decided to do for my business.  I’ve gotten so unstuck, compared to where I was…I’m totally clear about my personal story, wrote my opt-in (after stalling out on it  forever), and am finally able to put myself out there in a way that I can be really proud of because it sounds 100% like me.
–Andrea Martin,

“I’m finally on track… and it’s so empowering.”

After I got crystal clear on my mission, my message, and my story, writing everything got so much easier — even personal emails.  I even developed an editorial calendar that will keep me on track and inspired for over a year because I am finally writing about things that I care deeply about, and that will empower me make the positive impact that I want to make.
– Miranda Moon-Duff,


unnamed-3“Things started to change for me from Day One.”

“When I came to my first session with Rebecca, I knew I wanted to begin blogging and expand my reach…to really get out there and share. But I was blocked by a lot of fear, and wasn’t getting myself out there. Rebecca helped me move through that overwhelm and get off to a good start, and had really powerful, valuable suggestions on how I could be a better writer immediately.  At the end of that first session, I felt super excited and positive, and sat down that night to get out a blog post. Then I wrote another one by the end of the week!”

— Erin Trever, Health Coach, Eat For Our Health

“Rebecca empowered me to feel courageous and excited about
setting up my business and running it with heart.”

Rebecca’s unique way of intuitively understanding my (well-hidden) fears in only our first session together completely re-focused my ‘life-plan’, giving me clarity and confidence.  She gently unveiled the true parts of me that I had neither recognized nor appreciated, and empowered me to feel courageous and excited about setting up my business and running it with heart.  And just when she had already blown me away with her insight and practical knowledge, she gave me the gift of learning how to feel joy at any moment. I never considered myself to be a ‘spiritual’ person but even as I write this, I feel touched again by what I learned working together and ready to blossom into my true potential. Thank you so, so much, Rebecca.

— Natasha Valentine, Health Coach, Devon, England

“Incredible ‘AHA’s Ahead… Working with Rebecca Was Life-Changing.”

Rebecca is a patient and insightful coach who gently nudged me to dig down deep and uncover the ‘real’ reasons that I was feeling stuck and afraid.  What resulted was one of those incredible ‘AHA’ moments that was life changing for me.  She is extremely intuitive and caring and knew just the perfect questions to ask to open up the pathways into my soul and my heart.  I would highly recommend Rebecca without reservation.

— Rose DiBortolo, Eat Well, Live Well

“I found my voice.”

Rebecca coached me while I was going through a career transition. After working with her, I feel like I’m truly being myself, and I’m writing with my own voice, instead of stifling what’s inside of me. Before, I just wanted to sound “professional,” and I wasn’t expressing who I really am. In some ways, I feel like i’ve found my own voice again– but in other ways, I feel like I’ve found it for the first time. Because I also now have a solid idea of who the clients are that I want to serve, I feel like I’ve got the irons in the fire and am truly ready to get out there and help people.

— Carrie Jain, Health Coach, Los Angeles CA

“I’d recommend this work to anyone who wants  to write.”

“Rebecca’s gifted coaching style is creative, insightful, and encouraging.  With inquiry and intuition, she helped me to feel more confident in sharing my authentic voice.  The depth of her knowledge and her heartfelt approach is a powerful alchemy.  I look forward to an ongoing coaching relationship with her, and would recommend her abilities to anyone aspiring to deepen into their own writing.”

— Rain Crowe, Teacher, Calling Ourselves Home