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Done-in-a-Day is an intensive writing experience where you’ll dive headlong into your most important content project and experience a revolution in productivity — completely dispelling writer’s block, resistance, and overwhelm.  This program includes over eight whopping hours of mastery-level coaching, productive experiential exercises, and collaboration — meaning professional feedback, editing, and revision.

Plus you get easy to follow done-for-you templates customized just for you, personalized technical support with my very own virtual assistant, and a bonus follow-up session to polish your project to perfection, and  integrate what you’ve learned so you can move forward with your writing from a place of empowerment and inspiration.


What kind of projects can you tackle in Done-in-a-Day: the Intensive Wordsmithing Experience?

  • Launch your blog.  Go from zero posts to sixty days of content preparation and development, including 2-3 delicious posts that will get get shared on everyone’s news feed — PLUS a foolproof formula for creating quick, fascinating content.
  • Start a dazzling newsletter practice that puts your first and foremost in the minds of your tribe.  Learn how to put out a newsletter that will triple your open rate, provides valuable information for your readers, and leads to tons of new client meetings.  Focusing on your newsletter during a Done-In-A-Day VIP Experience will lead to consistent communication with the people you most want to reach, in a way that’s easy and struggle-free for you.  We’ll talk autoresponders, list building, and increasing engagement, too.
  • Write your Opt-In.  This has got to be one of the most popular choices for Done-In-A-Day folks. We’ll zero in on what you should be writing that will inspire folks to hand over their precious email addresses so that you can build your list, and craft something powerful that can also serve as a virtual calling card for potential joint venture partners that truly shows them who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Establish a website that allows you to truly shine, and that gives you a gorgeous happy smile every time you have the opportunity to pass your card out at networking events.  Finally get that website written, and heal your website shame forever — or do a website overhaul that reflects the current incarnation of your brand and messaging.
  • Put out a new or improved program or sales page.  Debut your newest offering with authentic, clear sales copy that inspires people who want to work with no one but you to hit the “pay now” button — all while writing from the heart, authentically, without sounding salesy or using marketese.
  • Publish — get your name in print.  Write articles to submit to your favorite internet or print publication, establishing yourself as an expert in the field you’re most passionate about.  My clients have published repeatedly on Mind-Body Green, Elephant Journal, the Huffington Post, and beyond. 


Just who is this wordsmithing witch, anyway?

I’ve been in love with writing since I was an itty bitty little girl.  But even with an M.F.A. in writing from one of the top graduate schools in the country, and hundreds of articles for internet publication, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers under my belt, I still struggled every time I sat down to write my marketing copy until I realized that I needed to approach it the same way I do everything else in my business — with my creativity, intuition, and heart.

But then two things happened that helped me find a whole new level of writing productivity and power than I had ever experienced in the past. The first was that I took a course in the Amherst Writer’s + Artist’s Method, which focuses on freeing our creative spirits by finding structures that set the writer up for inevitable success, so that ideas and words flow more easily and smoothly from the heart and mind onto the page. 

I also became certified at the Mastery Level in the Transformational Coaching Method, a powerful coaching system that helps my clients create meaningful, lasting change – and is perfect for blasting through even the toughest cases of writers block. 

Within weeks, I had an article printed in a national magazine for the first time, was offered a spot as a contributing writer at one of my favorite internet publications (with a readership of over 20,000 people), and landed a lucrative writing gig with a company that is completely aligned with my own values to write their sales content and web copy. 

Not only that, but people that I didn’t even know began approaching me to coach them on how to write their stuff – from marketing copy to PhD dissertations, even memoirs.



Here’s how it works:

We’ll get together for a deep dive coaching session (90 minutes) before your VIP day to strategize about your content project, brainstorm, and begin to look at the blocks that keep you stuck.  You’ll walk away with clear action steps and tons of inspiration (and maybe one or two surprise gifts as well).  

Then during the Intensive day, we’ll get together virtually or in-person to tackle your project.  I’ll come prepared with effective techniques and done-for-you writing templates specific to your project to help you leap past the blank page and into writing, so that you make major headway by the end of the day.  We’ll also spend some time using powerful coaching techniques to help you blast through your personal writer’s blocks and seduce your inner writer from deep inside the subconscious (where your most precious jewels are) out into the world and onto the page.

After the intensive session, we’ll continue to collaborate: you’ll get personalized email support with homework, action items, and writing tips based on exactly where you are, and professional feedback on what you’ve written, that covers everything from from proper punctuation to how to clarify your ideas and message.

Finally, we’ll get together for one more one-hour coaching session to finish up any loose threads from your project, and talk about where to go next.


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“Working with Rebecca is the best thing I ever decided to do for my business.”


Working with Rebecca is the best thing I ever decided to do for my business.  I’ve gotten so unstuck, compared to where I was…I’m totally clear about my personal story, wrote my opt-in (after stalling out on it  forever), and am finally able to put myself out there in a way that I can be really proud of because it sounds 100% like me.


–Andrea Martin,

“I’m finally on track… and it’s so empowering.”

After I got crystal clear on my mission, my message, and my story, writing everything got so much easier — even personal emails.  I even developed an editorial calendar that will keep me on track and inspired for over a year because I am finally writing about things that I care deeply about, and that will empower me make the positive impact that I want to make.


– Miranda Moon-Duff,

“Rebecca empowered me to feel courageous and excited about
setting up my business and running it with heart.”

Rebecca’s unique way of intuitively understanding my (well-hidden) fears in only our first session together completely re-focused my ‘life-plan’, giving me clarity and confidence.  She gently unveiled the true parts of me that I had neither recognized nor appreciated, and empowered me to feel courageous and excited about setting up my business and running it with heart.  And just when she had already blown me away with her insight and practical knowledge, she gave me the gift of learning how to feel joy at any moment. I never considered myself to be a ‘spiritual’ person but even as I write this, I feel touched again by what I learned working together and ready to blossom into my true potential. Thank you so, so much, Rebecca.

— Natasha Valentine, Health Coach, Devon, England

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