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7 Days to Blast through Writer’s Block and Cultivate Your Inner Content Maven

Blogging. You know it’s good for your business. You know what it could be — the voix originale of your brand, a place to air unique authenticity and fresh ideas, to educate and inspire, to connect with new possibilities and attract clients.

Maybe you had a blog, or at least, the first one or two posts of one. Maybe it’s gathering dust in the deep recesses of the internet — unseen, miserable, and lonely.

Or maybe simply the idea of getting one up is so overwhelming that you shudder at the mere thought of it.

Or perhaps it’s your newsletter that’s keeping you up at night — that bright promise of connection to people who are interested in the amazing work that you do, who lovingly handed over their precious email addresses with trust and hope, and who haven’t heard from you in months.

Join me this July and awaken your inner content maven — the you who is intuitive, expressive, and productive — in one fiery, juicy week of writing and getting organized for a thoroughly productive summer.



During the Big, Beautiful Summer Write Your Copy Challenge, you will:

  • Write 2-4 blog posts or newsletters (one to publish immediately, and others for the near future).
  • Establish an editorial calendar that will set you up for the next two to three months so that you don’t have to face the dreaded “blank page syndrome” for the rest of the summer.
  • Create your personal “Writer’s Sanctuary” to nourish your artistic spirit and endless productivity.
  • Learn how to generate unique, original topic ideas that are inspiring for you to write and for your community to read, surefire ways to beat writer’s block, and methods to create effective content quickly and easily.
  • Get the clarity and confidence to put yourself out there with raw authenticity that is intimate but professional, and magnetic to prospective clients and joint venture partners.
  • Be part of a like-minded community of writers and would-be writers to support your challenges and celebrate your successes. We’ll cross-pollinate ideas and tips, comment on and share each other’s published blogs, and give helpful feedback to one another.
  • PLUS, throughout the week I’ll feature your work all over my own social media to show off your amazing work and boost your readership!



We’re diving in on July 28th.

Tell your neighbors, your friends, and your business partners.

Sing your delight to the mountains and the heavens.

Sharpen your pencils and get yourself a fresh notebook.

But definitely, no matter what else you do, get your self
on the list to get started!

Ready to rock your writing this summer?
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