About Me

When people find out that I’m a Writer — I’ve been writing since I was an itty bitty little girl — they often look at me like I’m an alien from Mars, or Madonna.  But even with an M.F.A. in writing from one of the best graduate schools in the country, and hundreds of articles for internet publication, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers under my belt, I still struggled every time I sat down to write my marketing copy until I realized that I needed to approach it the same way I do everything else in my business — with my creativity, intuition, and heart.

I realized that in order to get truly incandescent content that sounds like me and no one else, and that I can stand behind because it doesn’t feel slimy and pandering, I had to approach it with the same yearning for insight and expression that attracted me to writing to begin with — as a process to experience, not a product to crank out (although, in all honesty, I do love a quickly written blog post, and am happy to show you how to do it).

At the time, I was struggling to find clients and yearning to have enough income and free time to pursue my lifelong dream of being a well-known writer.  But then two things happened that helped me find a whole new level of writing productivity and power than I had ever experienced in the past.

The first was that I took a course in the Amherst Writer’s + Artist’s Method, which focuses on freeing our creative spirits by finding structures that set the writer up for inevitable success, so that ideas and words flow more easily and smoothly from the heart and mind onto the page.

I also became certified in the Transformational Coaching Method, a powerful coaching system that helps my clients create meaningful, lasting change – and is perfect for blasting through even the toughest cases of writers block.

Within weeks, I had an article printed in a national magazine for the first time, was offered a spot as a contributing writer at one of my favorite internet publications (with a readership of over 20,000 people), and landed a lucrative writing gig with a company that is completely aligned with my own values to write their sales content and web copy.  Not only that, but people that I didn’t even know began approaching me to coach them on how to write their stuff – from marketing copy to PhD dissertations, even memoirs.

I’m looking forward to helping you rewrite your own Writer’s Story!