40 Days to Sparkling, Authentic Content


It’s Monday morning, and you’re filled with good intentions.  Today’s the day that you’ll dash “write website” off of your to-do list, or get out the first blog post of many that will establish you as an expert on a topic that lights you up, or that you’ll finally begin your free gift e-book. 

You sit down at your desk.  Look at the screen.  Here it comes.  It’s time. 

Here we go. Any second now. 

Yup. Any second.

Five minutes later, you’re washing dishes.  Or answering email – it makes sense to at least get to a couple of them, right?  And while you’re at it, you decide to make some phone calls.  And walk the dog.  Even the neighbor’s dog, if you have to. 

Before you know it, it’s time for dinner.  Well, tomorrow’s always another day, right?

Does this sound familiar?

  • When you look at your website, it looks like it could (or should) belong to someone else.  Your words, style, and brand feel blah and indistinguishable from the other practitioners in your field – OR the content feels way to salesy, which doesn’t reflect your values or the generosity you bring to your work.
  • You struggle to figure out what to say on your  “about me” page or in your signature talk that will show your passion and help people connect with you through your personal story but freak out about sounding unprofessional or whiny (TMI, anyone?).
  • You get off to a good start writing, then find yourself endlessly rereading and editing what you’ve just done, meaning nothing much gets done.
  • You put off sending out your newsletters and blogs because it takes too long to write them (when you finally do get around to it) meaning you miss launch deadlines, or throw something up at the last second that gives you ‘website shame.’
  • Your programs consistently get low enrollment, even though your idea is freakin’ fabulous, because you can’t get across what makes them unique and powerful…OR you have a ravishing, fresh idea for a program but don’t have enough clarity about it yourself to truly give it a go.



You have something to say, and the fact of the matter is, without finely-crafted wordsmithery, your business, your message, and your mission won’t get the attention they deserve and you won’t be able to make the impact that you dream of.


As a holistic entrepreneur, you need content – lots of it. 

  • Program descriptions with authentic, clear sales copy that inspires people who are dying to work with you to actually hit the “pay now” button. 
  • A website that makes you shine, and that gives you a shiny happy smile every time you have the opportunity to pass your card out at networking events..
  • Newsletters that actually get read, and generate leads.
  • Blogs that inspire and get shared in the social mediasphere. 
  • Articles to submit to Mind Body Green or Elephant Journal so that you position yourself as an expert in your field. 

Every time you launch a new program, or upgrade your services to attract higher paying clients, or send out a new newsletter, your content plays a huge part of your success. You could get some of that done-for-you stuff, but it isn’t going to be you.  It’s going to be one-size-fits-none, and easily lost in the sea of mediocre sales pages.  But beyond all that, every time you hire someone else to write your stuff, you lose the opportunity to define yourself.  To get crystal clear on exactly who you are as a practitioner, what your mission is, and what makes your brand unique, irresistible, and totally aligned with your heart and soul. 



My Story:

When people find out that I’m a Writer — I’ve been writing since I was an itty bitty little girl — they often look at me like I’m an alien from Mars, or Madonna.  But even with an M.F.A. in writing from one of the best graduate schools in the country, and hundreds of articles for internet publication, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers under my belt, I still struggled every time I sat down to write my marketing copy until I realized that I needed to approach it the same way I do everything else in my business — with my creativity, intuition, and heart.

I realized that in order to get truly incandescent content that sounds like me and no one else, and that I can stand behind because it doesn’t feel slimy and pandering, I had to approach it with the same yearning for insight and expression that attracted me to writing to begin with — as a process to experience, not a product to crank out (although, in all honesty, I do love a quickly written blog post, and am happy to show you how to do it). 

At the time, I was struggling to find clients and yearning to have enough income and free time to pursue my lifelong dream of being a well-known writer.  But then two things happened that helped me find a whole new level of writing productivity and power than I had ever experienced in the past. The first was that I took a course in the Amherst Writer’s + Artist’s Method, which focuses on freeing our creative spirits by finding structures that set the writer up for inevitable success, so that ideas and words flow more easily and smoothly from the heart and mind onto the page. 

I also became certified at the Mastery Level in the Transformational Coaching Method, a powerful coaching system that helps my clients create meaningful, lasting change – and is perfect for blasting through even the toughest cases of writers block. 

Within weeks, I had an article printed in a national magazine for the first time, was offered a spot as a contributing writer at one of my favorite internet publications (with a readership of over 20,000 people), and landed a lucrative writing gig with a company that is completely aligned with my own values to write their sales content and web copy. 

Not only that, but people that I didn’t even know began approaching me to coach them on how to write their stuff – from marketing copy to PhD dissertations, even memoirs.




“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write.
Let them think you were born that way.”
— Ernest Hemingway 

If you struggle to write great copy that is truly genuine and doesn’t sound salesy and cheesy, you’re not alone.  Every holistic practitioner that I know grapples with it.  We all came into this industry with a desire to help people, not to become “marketing professionals.”

Somewhere in your heart, you know that you’ve come here to do big things.  The problem is that authentic copywriting isn’t just a process of finding the perfect words or putting them into the right formula (although believe you me, frameworks and structure help a lot — that’s one of the things I help my clients with all the time).  Writing is a process that involves bringing something special and new inside of you out into the world, and learning how to hold space for the raw process of birth is essential to becoming confident as a writer.

Once upon a time, one of my voice coaches told me, “When you sing, people don’t want to hear perfection.  They want to see you naked.  That’s what they’re paying the big money for.”  It’s the same with writing your marketing materials as a holistic practitioner — whether you’re an herbalist, a relationship coach, or helping people learn to eat right and keep their waistline and blood sugar down. 

People want to have a sense of who you really are, to get a glimpse of something essential about the guide that will be taking them on their journey, and to be inspired and excited by what you do.  That takes vulnerability.  It takes digging deep inside to find the jewels that lay hidden beneath the surface. But most marketing pros don’t teach that, and creative writing courses don’t teach you how to use these skills for your newsletters, blogs, or program materials.   Which is where I come in!



What I’ve Got For You…

I’d like to introduce my new program 40 Days to Sparkling, Authentic Content.  It’s a completely individualized, focused-on-you experience that gives you the keys to creating sparkling, authentic content that calls in clients who value your expertise and don’t want to work with anyone else but you. 

This program is specifically designed for mission-driven, heart-centered holistic practitioners who want to create a brand that flows from the inside-out (versus just selling out).

In 40 Days to Sparkling, Authentic Content, you’ll tackle your most important content projects and create heartfelt copy that is the best testimonial possible for who you are, what you do, and why smart, amazing people should work with you. 


What kind of projects can you take on in 40 Days to Sparkling, Authentic Content?

  • Get your blog totally under control – walk away with an editorial calendar for the next three or six months, four delicious posts that get shared on everyone’s news feed, and a foolproof formula for creating quick, fascinating content.
  • Put out a newsletter that will triple your open rate, provides valuable information for your readers, and leads to tons of new client meetings.
  • Create powerful, inspiring, out-of-the-box programs and packages that are absolutely unforgettable because they are 100% you.  Get your sales page done, and your autoresponder emails, too (I’ve got the templates, you bring the vision).
  • Finally get that website written, and heal your website shame forever.
  • Script a signature talk that you can use to win over audiences big and small.
  • Write articles to submit to your favorite internet or print publication, establishing yourself as an expert in the field you’re most passionate about. 


Here’s how it works:

We’ll get together for 3 deep dive coaching sessions (60-75 minutes), one every other week.  I’ll teach you the easiest, most effective techniques to find your authentic voice, give you templates and frameworks to help you leap past the blank page and into writing, and help you to find the best structures to set yourself up for inevitable success as a writer.

We’ll blast through your personal writer’s blocks using powerful coaching techniques, and seduce your inner writer from deep inside the subconscious (where your most precious jewels are) out into the world and onto the page.

In between sessions, we’ll continue to collaborate: you’ll personalized email support with homework, action items, and writing tips based on exactly where you are every week, and professional feedback on everything from proper punctuation to how to clarify your ideas and message.  I offer up to 90 minutes in between our live coaching sessions of review, feedback, and revision, so that your work is polished to perfection when you launch it out into the world.




This program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to go to the next level as a holistic practitioner or launch a new program, and want to do it authentically and with pizzazz.
  • You regularly avoid giving out your card because your website embarrasses you – OR your web designer is no longer speaking to you because it’s taken so long for you to get him your content.
  • You want blogging to be a big part of your brand and business, but don’t know where to start or how to stay motivated past the first post.
  • You want to establish yourself as an expert in your field by getting publishing articles on other blogs and in publications that inspire you, leading to speaking gigs and a much wider reach.
  • You used to love writing, and don’t know what happened to your creative fire and confidence.

This program is NOT for you if you are:

  • Someone that simply wants “just anything” up on your website and in your marketing materials, whether or not it sounds like you.
  • More interested in making a quick buck than a positive impact.
  • Not interested in putting in a couple of hours a week to write (if that’s you, contact me about copywriting services).
  • Wanting to write “traditional” marketing copy with a lot of jargon and blandvertising language.
  • Not ready to dive into the process of creating a radiant, ravishing brand and message that is truly you and no one else.


Your Investment:

I’ve invested literally over a hundred thousands dollars to develop the skills that have allowed me to create such an effective program that combines the best writing practices with top-notch coaching skills to get my clients lasting, transformative results.  It’s hard to put a price on something that so significantly improves the quality not only of your content, but also the process of becoming (or rediscovering) yourself as a writer so that you can create enchanting, effective copy for years to come — no matter what field you’re in.  My goal is to help as many people as possible.  That’s why I’m offering this experience at an investment that does require a commitment but is also doable, whether you’re a practitioner that’s just starting out or someone who’s been in business for a couple of years.

Here are the two investment options:

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
$297 per month  



BONUS: every 40 Day to Sparkling, Magnetic Content client receives a FREE 30-minute follow-up coaching session, where we’ll talk about your next project and the three most effective things you can do to get it done easily and pleasurably.

“Working with Rebecca is the best thing I ever decided to do for my business.”
Working with Rebecca is the best thing I ever decided to do for my business.  I’ve gotten so unstuck, compared to where I was…I’m totally clear about my personal story, wrote my opt-in (after stalling out on it  forever), and am finally able to put myself out there in a way that I can be really proud of because it sounds 100% like me.
–Andrea Martin,  www.andreamartin.com

“I’m finally on track… and it’s so empowering.”

After I got crystal clear on my mission, my message, and my story, writing everything got so much easier — even personal emails.  I even developed an editorial calendar that will keep me on track and inspired for over a year because I am finally writing about things that I care deeply about, and that will empower me make the positive impact that I want to make.
– Miranda Moon-Duff, www.360vibranthealth.com

unnamed-3“Things started to change for me from Day One.”

“When I came to my first session with Rebecca, I knew I wanted to begin blogging and expand my reach…to really get out there and share. But I was blocked by a lot of fear, and wasn’t getting myself out there. Rebecca helped me move through that overwhelm and get off to a good start, and had really powerful, valuable suggestions on how I could be a better writer immediately.  At the end of that first session, I felt super excited and positive, and sat down that night to get out a blog post. Then I wrote another one by the end of the week!”

— Erin Trever, Health Coach, Eat For Our Health

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