A Full Moon Meditation for Diving Deep into *Your* Creative Magic


I’ve been waiting months to write this post.  Seriously.
As I mentioned in my last missive, one of the things that became clear to me in the creative-vortex time of pregnancy and birth was how essential it is for me to come out of the broom closet and bring more magic into my writing and coaching practices.
This blog post marks the a big step in my process of claiming my voice as a woman who brings deep magic into the creative process for myself and others, because today I’m launching my first FREE Full Moon Meditation for this community of writers, coaches, artists, healers, and other creative souls on Soundcloud.
It’s called “the Intuition Maven Meditation,” and it takes advantage of the the energy of tomorrow night’s full moon in Pisces, which is one of the most auspicious times of the year for finding our own magic and tapping into our intuition, dreams, mystical connection, and potential for deep, serious transformation.
Tapping into your intuition and honing the ability to hear your inner wise woman will allow you to:
  • Get insight on where to go next with your creative visions, work, writing, relationship turning points — whatever is calling for your attention right now.
  • Notice where you are out of alignment with your authentic desires and path, and know the next right step to course correct. (Astrologically speaking, this has been a tough summer, full of big transitions and retrogrades.  For more on that, check out this powerful article on the Pisces full moon by my fellow elephant journal writer, Kate Rose).
  • Stop second guessing your creative choices, offerings, wishes, and the places you are called to put your time and energy.
  • Overcome procrastination as you delve into the writing process, a creative passion project, or even spiritual practices or romantic endeavors with a sense of joy and deep connection to self.
  • Connect to the “flow” of writing and creativity with more ease, grace, and consistency.
  • Glimpse new possibilities and move through feelings of being overwhelmed, stuck, dissatisfied, or unmotivated.
I invite, entreat, and encourage you to find a couple of moments for yourself to sit and tap into your intuitive creativity and knowing during the next couple of days (don’t worry, it will still work if you wait a couple of days — the full moon’s energy is very powerful and lasting).
It’s good stuff.
With love and magic,
P.P.S. Also, save the date!  On the next new moon (September 13th, which is the new moon in Virgo), I’ll be hosting my first New Moon Virtual Writer’s Retreat: Forget Discipline, Become a Disciple of Your Creativity.  
This offering is three and a half hours of potent writing inspiration and structure designed to create a space for you to dive deeply into whatever project is calling your heart and soul these days.  Details TBA.
P.P.P.S. I’d LOVE to hear about your experience with the Full Moon Meditation!  Pop on over to our Facebook group and tell us all about it.
P.P.P.P.S  Last but not least, some amazing people made this offering possible and I want to share their offerings because they are great resources to help you deepen into your creative heart and dreams during this potent full-moon time (and beyond):

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