The Electrifying + Easy Editorial Calendar

Today we’re going to talk about the number one thing you can do to sustain your blogging momentum over the long term.  It’s the secret sauce to consistency.  It’s the Editorial Calendar.

I began using Editorial Calendars long long ago during my journalism days, when I was the editor for my school paper, and have used them since in a variety of contexts as a freelance writer and magazine contributor.  Often, in those contexts, editorial calendars create a sense of cohesiveness for multiple writers and editors, so that everyone is moving towards the same goals at the same time.

But for blogging, the editorial calendar becomes more of a personal manifesto (or a joint manifesto, if you have a partner).  It takes all of those things that you journaled about yesterday – your vision for the future of your blog, the things that you are most passionate to share, and what you want to be known for – and begins manifesting them in the real world.  Or at least, the virtual world of the internet.  You’re creating the blueprint of the Blogging Temple of Wise Words that you are building, and from there, the rest is just pounding nails and painting walls.

Beyond that, Editorial Calendars battle dreaded ‘Blank Page Syndrome” in a way that nothing else can.  You don’t need to hem and haw about what to write about because you’ve already decided what to write about.  The map has been drawn. 

Yes, you can choose to go another direction if you’re feeling inspired – I recommend it!  If you have juice for something else than what three weeks or three months ago felt like a good idea, go with that.  Go with what makes your heart sing and your fingers dance on the keyboard.  But, if that’s not happening today, it’s okay.  Go with Plan A. 

Editorial Calendars keep you accountable.  They keep your focus cohesive and you steadily moving towards your blogging goals.  They can also make your life a lot easier as a blogger, especially when you utilize your blogging software’s amazing ability to post something you’ve already written automatically for you in the future (or for your newsletter to send something out at a scheduled time).

So, in case you haven’t guessed already, today’s Mission is:

Create your Editorial Calendar for the Next 3 Months

(This is going to be so much easier than you think… you’re going to love it).

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