Don’t make the same mistake I did earlier this week… UGH.

So, heartbreak happened earlier this week.

About three months ago, I decided that I wanted to take a high-caliber writing class that I’ve taken once before, and found to be enormously helpful in taking my craft to the next level and getting over the stumbling blocks that keep me from prioritizing my writing.  I felt confident that this was the next step for me, knew that the teacher was a skillful mentor that could guide me where I wanted to go, and my heart and soul were calling me towards it.  I’m a big believer in investing in constantly honing and deepening in those areas I want to grow in, whether that’s writing or personal growth or my business skills.


You know about having a case of the “buts,” don’t you?  It sounds like this.  Maybe I should hold off,  I told myself.  I have that client who’s about to finish up their 28-day program and wants to transition to a 90-day program, I’ll be a bit more flush for cash in a couple of weeks.  Oh, and then there’s my trip to San Diego.  I should wait until after that to register, just to make sure it still feels right.  Right, and I need to check in with my brother to make sure I can move band practice on Thursday nights to Monday… I mean, he already said we could, but I should check just to be sure…  

Well, after all that putting off and putting by, wouldn’t you know it, the class that I wanted to take with the teacher I really liked had filled.  Bummer.

But guess what happened next?  I realized that the program offered an online version I could still register for! Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to drive to the city? I thought to myself.  Wouldn’t it be great to start doing more writing courses online, anyway, since that’s what I’ll have to do during the first year of the baby’s life when the little one is breast feeding?  This is perfect!

So, do you think I registered, then?  Jumped right on it, realizing the error of my ways?


I procrastinated again.  The client who was going to register in my 90-day program decided to wait until a family trip was over to re-enroll.  A $2000 car expense popped up out of nowhere.  My cat needed to go to the vet.

Now, the whole time, I could have put the class on my credit card.  Committed to myself and my calling in that special way that happens when you invest on many levels.  Let the universe feel my passion and my prayers with one simple act.

On Monday morning, the program sent out an email saying that there was only one spot left in the online program.

So, what do you think I did?

Call them back right away and register?  Commit to myself and my writing?  Put my money where my mouth is?


I’ll register tomorrow, I told myself.  I just want to check in with Jason first.

Because, you know, checking in with Jason is for some reason integral in figuring out if I should take an online class that doesn’t affect him in any way, other than that when I feel amazing about my creative life and my work, it makes me happier and saucier overall and that has (ahem) certain side effects that work out well for him.

Well, you guessed it.  The spot was taken by the time I went to register Tuesday.  I was heartbroken.

Why do I relay this sad tale of misery and woe to you?  Because I very much want you not to go down the same path.  Today is the final day of the pre-sale registration with VIP bonuses for the Manifesto Retreat, and I don’t want you to put off committing to yourself and your work the way that I did.

Because of that, here’s three tidbits I want to offer you today:

  • Have some questions about the Manifesto Retreat or want a sneak peak into the work we’ll be doing?  Check out the recording of our MANIFESTO Q&A call here.  It’s full of tips, exercises, and Movement-Based Business Strategy Content to get you momentum in your business while not having to sacrifice yourself, your family, your values, or your life.
  • Also, here’s the website for the Manifesto Retreat, in case you want to scope out logistics like lodging and food, and get a better sense about how this program can take you to the next level personally and professionally.
  • Lastly, because I’m super-committed to making sure that you have the opportunity to really understand whether this program is the right next step for you (because, honestly, it might not be), I’m opening up my schedule today and tomorrow for thirty-minute sessions to pinpoint what your next step is in igniting your creativity and business.

    This is not going to be a “Closing the Deal” kind of call.  If the retreat isn’t perfect for where you are and I can think of something else that might be, I’ll tell you.  Either way, you’ll walk away with 2-3 action items for rekindling your creative spark and motivation.

    If you do decide to register for the retreat after our call, I’ll make sure you get the pre-sale bonuses (even we don’t chat until Friday).

By the way, there’s a happy ending to my story above.  The next morning, after I really had figured out the error of my ways, and hoping that the universe would encourage this new wisdom with a bit of luck, I called the director of the writing program and asked if there was anyway I could still register.

After a few hours of phone tag and voicemails, she finally got back to me and said yes, the teacher had given me special permission to enroll.

And I did it that very moment.

P.S. My co-conspirator Tessa has written a beautiful blog post about how writing a manifesto and aligning your content + business with your values + heart will rally your tribe and make it simple and authentic to write effective content.  I think you should check it out.  It’s right here.

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